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Jeff. My husband, friend and the other half of my design and installation team.

The Guardians rose out of the ashes of September 11th. I began creating angels to give to loved ones. The first ones were small and fit in the top of a Christmas stocking. Over time they have grown and each one is one-of-a- kind and has a story to accompany her. They are created out of familiar, recycled, household items and are designed to hang on the wall. The hardware is also salvaged, as are, the pieces used to create them. I don't sell my work off my website as I don't make the same thing twice. Please contact me for more information. I also do custom work and am happy to incorporate your family treasures into a guardian to celebrate an event or to honor someone special. ​

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Jeff, the other half of the design and installation team.

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Guardian of Diversity

Welcome to Crow River Studios.  I am a mixed media artist working on both large and small scale projects. Public art installations include 30 foot murals for a children's hospital and a 60 foot wall honoring the history of a school district over the span of 120 years. I am intrigued with opportunities to try new things and to work with salvaged materials. 

The Guardians range in size from 6 inches to 8 feet. They continue to evolve and have found homes all over the world. It is a privilege to make my living as an artist and I am grateful for a continued journey exploring new ways of creating and seeing the world.

Mary Ennes Davis