La Conner Schools History Wall 2016

​​These collages were created by scanning  original documents and photographs and then digitally altering and combining them with text. They were enlarged to become the backdrop for large scale structural pieces. This process transforms historical ephemera into a contemporary art installation.

These ​​shadow boxes were created out of old desk drawers and school treasures and memorabilia that was preserved in the school safe, along with donated items from alumni from the school. The boxes were mounted on the wall over the enlarged images. The Home Economics installation is created out of sterling spoons stamped with words, documenting the evolution of Domestic Sciences, Home Management and finally, Home Economics. The classes were originally only for girls but became popular in the 1970's for both genders. They remain so today.

The platform for the wall was constructed out of gym floor wood that was salvaged when the old gym was taken down. The auditorium seats are from the first auditorium at the school and the original cafeteria door is the final piece at the end of the wall. The door is filled with images of people spanning 120 years, each a part of a community built on service and generosity.

The La Conner History Wall is an installation that is open for viewing between 9:00  and 5:00 pm, M - F. It is located at the Middle School on Sixth street in La Conner, WA.  Dimensions: 60 feet long by 9 feet high. Exhibition guides are available to borrow from either the main office or the middle school library.

Digitally altered collages used in the La Conner History Wall.

I have been creating public art installations by combining digitally altered images with three dimensional objects. It allows me to reuse historical documents and photographs in a new way. I love the challenge of designing art for public spaces and finding innovative ways to tell the story.