Public Schools, student mural: Carl Cozier Elementary, Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Skagit Valley Hospital. Kincaid Lobby. Mount Vernon, WA

The pieces used for these guardians came from the Skagit Valley area. The pieces include a farm rake, produce crates, antique metal splints, recycled hospital bottles, furniture parts and wall paper.

Details of the hospital guardians. Wings constructed out of splints, medical bottles, carved bone hands.

​This collage is created out of recycled paint, paper and found objects. it was created on a recycled canvas and is framed with parts of a door and springs from a farm auction. 

Mount Baker Ski Area. White Salmon Lodge

These pieces were created out of salvaged backpack frames, skis, hardware and reclaimed metal.

​Custom Guardians for Hospital and Research Centers

These pieces were created out of salvaged materials including bone from meat processing plants for the carved fish, metal from rusting turbine blades, railroad nails, old game pieces, woolen milll spools and broken furniture casters.

​I have been working in the schools for nearly thirty years. I believe all children are creative and need an opportunity to explore the arts. I use recycled materials and believe it is important to teach our children to walk gently on the earth and to repurpose things we know longer need.

Teach Your Children Well. Collage on Canvas.

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital Mural Project. Tacoma, WA 

The paper used to create collage elements on this mural was all recycled.