My Church.

 Birds soar over the lines topographers draw on maps. There are no borders in their skies or in my studio.  My physical work echoes the migration process.

I use reclaimed materials in my work that I am drawn to because of shape, form, color, or simply because someone has thrown them away. Separately they are objects sorted into bins.  Together, I marry the found and cast off items, creating mixed media wall sculptures; angel figures vested with stories and different lives.​​​ I am a mixed media artist working on both large and small scale projects.

Public art installations

include sculptural pieces; Guardians, that range in size from 6" to 8' and hang in public places world wide; 30 foot murals for children's hospitals and several multi-dimensional walls that honor the history of school districts over the span of their 120 years.

                       Mary Ennes Davis

​Public Art Installations - Guardians - Art Classes - Assemblages                 

​​Jeff- My husband, friend and the other half of my design and installation team.